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"Malcolm, thank you for perpetuating the fine works of Dr. George Hall.

Your cause is truly worthy and of value for generations. It is a testimony to humankind.

I live in Canada and became aware of Dr. Hall in the mid to late 70's. I believe he was on a tour of North America during this period. I obtained a number of his recorded programs and printed materials through The Human Cybernetics Trust in London.

I know that Dr. Hall passed on about this time and I have found little of his work available since that time. I suppose it is because he lived in the UK and had limited North American exposure. He is a pioneer in the self-help field.

Dr. Hall's work, I feel, is second to none in the science of Psycho-Cybernetics.

With all due and sincere respect to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, I firmly believe Hall expanded from where Maltz left off.

His presentations, recordings and materials developed during the 70's were easy to follow, timely and as relevant today as ever.

I congratulate you on your efforts."

Allan M.
Alberta, Canada


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