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Who is Your Destiny Course designed for?

Your Destiny Course is designed especially for you, if you are looking to make your first quantum leap into the interesting and sometimes frightening world of personal accomplishment.

Your Destiny Course is designed especially for you, if you are someone who is already considered successful by your peer group and yet you are personally unfulfilled.

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A system of Meditation and Relaxation
for the Western Mindset

By Doctor George Hall

Make The Rest Of Your life Special !

Take charge, take control and make it happen! Make it Special.

Decide now to take personal control of YOUR OWN DESTINY

How are you perceived by those whose lives you touch?

Your behaviour is the external manifestation of your inner self.

For your complimentary PDA Behavioural Profile

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If you do not have a clear idea of which direction you want to travel, then any road will take you there.


Completing our Free online Self Awareness questionnaire is step one on the road to a happier, successful and fulfilled life. Click here. 

Self-development is not about simply applying yourself to a strict regime of disciplined effort for a short period of time. It is more about re-engineering, re-organising and re-prioritising your predominant thought processes. In effect, creating a series of new mind sets more in accord with your published and desired needs.

If you are sick and tired of coming second here is your blueprint for transforming yourself into a winner. 

Your Destiny Course is a system of mind re engineering embodying the distilled essence of Applied Human Cybernetics originally crafted by the Clinical Psychologist, Doctor George Hall who studied and consulted with the leading behavioural scientists of the day including, Alfred Adler, Carl Jung and affiliates of Sigmund Freud. 

Doctor Hall was a long term personal friend of and consulted with Doctor Maxwell Maltz the developer of psycho-cybernetics. It was in fact Doctor Hall who introduced psycho-cybernetics into the United Kingdom on behalf of Doctor Maxwell Maltz.

Egouniversity is a one stop access point for all who seek to self educate and transform their lives for the better.

This is not just another of the glitter and tinsel packages which are currently hawked around cyberspace by entrepreneurs looking to jump on the bandwagon of the self help and personal development tidal wave. This is not a quick fix with promises of an easy road to riches.

The Your Destiny Course is the final distilled essence of over 70 years of deep investigative work by behavioural scientists and a highly attuned group of new age thinkers.

A personal revelation is worth a thousand hours tuition!

Are you ready to discover the real you?

Take advantage of the FREE trial course. There is no requirement for any credit card details in order for you to access the trial course. You will though need to register.

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"Malcolm, thank you for perpetuating the fine works of Dr. George Hall.

Your cause is truly worthy and of value for generations. It is a testimony to humankind...

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Coming Soon!

The Your Destiny Course will soon be available as a Professional Program of certification for the International College of Metaphysical Theology.

For more details, visit the college website

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