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Course Description

About 75 years ago, an applied clinical psychologist, Doctor George Hall, began his work seeking for the ways that personal fulfilment, success and true happiness could be achieved.

He studied and consulted the leading psychologists and behavioural scientists of the day, including Alfred Adler, Carl Jung and affiliates of Sigmund Freud.

Doctor Hall was a long term personal friend of and consulted with the famous Doctor Maxwell Maltz, the developer of Psycho-Cybernetics.

Human Cybernetics developed by Doctor Hall evolved in part from the original works of Doctor Maxwell Maltz.

Early teachers who are believed to have been touched by the work of Dr. George Hall were Frank B. Robinson and Dale Carnegie, both of whom became well known figures on the international scene of psychological teaching.

You may now also benefit from the lifelong work of the late Dr. George Hall through studying 'Your Destiny Course' which is yet a further development of the ideas of the late Dr. George Hall.

Your Destiny Course is a highly developed system of training based upon established principles of Behavioural Science.

Through Your Destiny Course training you will become more self aware, more self confident, learn how to control negative thoughts, actions, attitudes and behaviour.

Such negatives have been likened to a form of mental cancer, preventing a person from living a fully positive, productive and happy life. The Your Destiny Course is concerned with reversing the state of negativity residing within you which can and often does lead to unhappiness and failure.

Your Destiny Course will be of immense interest and value to those of you who are prepared to re-engineer those aspects of your personal behaviour which may be holding you back from the achievement of great things.

A personal discovery is worth a thousand hours tuition!

Are you ready to discover the real you?

You should at the very least consider taking advantage of the FREE trial course which allows you to determine whether or not the full course is in a format that is in accord with your learning style. There is no requirement for any credit card details in order for you to access the trial course. You will though need to register.

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