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  • This self paced online personal transformation course is a blueprint for a happy, successful and fulfilled life. Based on the life work of Dr. George Hall, who created the Human Cybernetic approach to a qualitative life.

    This programme of personal development lays out before you every single step you need to take on the road to self actualisation.

    Your Destiny Course has evolved over many, many years.

    This is not just another of the glitter and tinsel packages which are currently hawked around cyberspace by entrepreneurs looking to jump on the bandwagon of the self help and personal development tidal wave.

    This is not a quick fix with promises of an easy road to riches.

    Your Destiny Course is the final distilled essence of over 70 years of deep investigative work by behavioural scientists and a highly attuned group of new age thinkers.

    They were brought together and their efforts galvanized by the internationally renowned 20th century Consulting Psychologist, Lecturer and Author in the field of Practical Psychology, Behavioral Science, Metaphysics and Philosophy, the late Doctor George Hall.

    Dr Hall lectured to and counselled students throughout the world and in the late 1960’s he introduced into Great Britain, Psycho-Cybernetics the renowned work of Dr Maxwell Maltz of whom Dr Hall was an associate .

    Dr Hall left a hugely positive aura in the field of understanding human behaviour with his creation of Applied Human Cybernetics which he completed in the early 1970’s.

    This behavioural system he designed specifically to give mankind a route to total control, governance and guidance of the Human Mental Mechanism.

    Applied Human Cybernetics which is in effect a detailed blueprint for a valuable, happy and fulfilled life, was the fulcrum of his work and his gift to humanity, his footprint in the sand if you will.

    I was privileged to be one of his students in the mid 1970’s and promised Dr Hall that I would do all in my power to further promote his teachings to ensure his valuable gift was not lost in the mist of time.

    Unique recordings of some 30 hours of his teachings were made with his permission during my tutorial sessions with Dr Hall. These sessions have now been converted in their raw state (including on occasion the background noises of builders working on a nearby property at the time) on to CD and are a precious reminder of his skillful delivery of a huge subject.

    Those of you who enroll on the Your Destiny Course will be exposed to a whole new world of enlightenment and whilst the going may be tough from time to time, the end result for you will be at worst an unburdening of baggage which may well have held you back from achieving true personal fulfillment.

    At best, who knows?

    What you will learn is ‘the how’ to a fulfilled life but you must apply what you learn, you must ‘do the do’.

    All who have been exposed to the teachings of Dr George Hall have benefited hugely from the experience. Many have been stunned by their new found freedom from negativity and subsequent progression in life.

    Please do contact me personally should you require any deeper insight prior to committing to the course.

    All good thoughts,

    Malcolm Milligan

    Course Author

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Ego University Online Campus has been created to house quality courses of personal development and self improvement for both indivduals and teams.

Our first offering is Your Destiny Course.

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